[Boatanchors] FS: Drake Gear

Bry Carling AF4K bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Nov 20 21:11:02 EST 2015


Drake TR3 Transceiver - best looking one I have seen. No rust, no crud. 
Cabinet and faceplate / knobs all totally clean. Almost like new. $275.00
Drake AC4 Power Supply for the TR3 with cables. $120.00
Drake MS4 Speaker - also excellent. $50.00

All the above together for $375.00 plus shipping.

Drake W4 Wattmeter - exc. $65.00

Drake 2B Receiver - looks great, $250.00

Drake SC2 converter - super rare.  The Drake SC-2 is a 2 meter receive converter. Its 
potential receive range is 144-148 MHz. With the 25.1 MHz crystal that is supplied with the 
Drake R-4A, it will receive 144-144.5 and 145-145.5 MHz. If a 25.6 MHz crystal is added the 
to the R-4A, then coverage is 144-146 MHz. Further, if auxiliary crystals 27.1 and 27.6 MHz 
are also added, then the entire 2 meter band will be covered.
The IF range is 14-18 MHz. The SC-2 requires 15-18 VDC at 40 ma. 
Looks excellent - $75.00

Drake MN2000 antenna Tuner - $250.00

Drake SPR4 Receiver - rather rare in this condition, excellent - $350.00

Shipping additional

I will try to post pictures tomorrow at:


73 de AF4K, Bry

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