[Boatanchors] historical question who many running CW compared to the 60s?

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Interestingly enough, the number of people who are now actually learning the International Morse code is increasing even though a working knowledge of the code is no longer required.  However, at least when listening to the bands, the actual percentage of operators using CW, as opposed to using SSB, is quite small.  Of course, on one of the few weekends during the year, when there is a major CW contest, like this weekend, the usage is considerable.  But, after 0000Z this evening, the number of signals dropped to almost zero!

Remembering back to the 1960s, if I am remembering correctly, the actual number of CW stations operating, at any 1 time, was considerably more than what it is today.

Of course, in those "goode olde dayes", considering the average wages of people, equipment was considerably more expensive in terms of percentage of wages.  Back then, CW equipment was often barely affordable, by most amateur radio operators, AM transmitters were expensive, and, until at least around 1966, SSB equipment was, generally, VERY expensive.

Of course, low powered AM equipment, like the Heath DX-40 and DX-60, were not that expensive.  But, especially on 80, 40, and 20-meters, after dark, when the "big boys" came on, those with the low powered equipment went to CW or stopped operating completely.  Today, when inflation is taken into consideration, and the effective purchasing power of money is considered, equipment is dirt cheap!  One can get, today, a 100-watt SSB, AM, FM, CW HF transceiver for quite a bit less than what a 100-watt output AM / CW transmitter cost, in equivalent purchasing power, in the 1960s and that equipment is light years ahead in terms of performance. 
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 historical question :How many operators are running CW now compared to the 60s?  numbers? percentage?   I am curious.Ed Sharpe Archivist  for SMECC 


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