[Boatanchors] FS: Rare National NC-80X Receiver

Dave Hollander n7rk at cox.net
Thu Oct 8 18:50:13 EDT 2015

National NC-80X Receiver - $375 OBO plus shipping.
This is a rare and not often seen NC-80X receiver. This is a ten tube 
superhet covering 540 to 30,000 kilocycles in four ranges with a crystal 
filter. Uses moving catacomb coil unit similar to the NC-100 series. 
This is an ac/dc receiver but still pretty heavy.  National offered this 
from 1937 to 1938. I recapped this about 12 years ago but never got 
around to replacing the electrolytics in the power supply and when I 
fired it up a few days ago - major hum! The chassis is dirty but should 
clean up nicely. It has been sitting in my dry garage ( I live in 
Phoenix) ever since. The escutcheon is not fastened down as I don't 
recall how it was supposed to be attached. The light bar is also loose 
but I have it. Catacomb coil assembly moves smoothly. The main tuning is 
incredibly smooth. Includes a photocopy of the manual. No Trades.


73 and tnx for looking. Dave N7RK

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