[Boatanchors] Hallicrafters cabinet paint

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 9 15:32:37 EDT 2015

Although the Sherwin-Williams black paint for a goodly number of the Hallicrafters cabinet, along with a number of other "boat anchor" cabinets, is referenced in my paint article

I have found some spray can paints that are, basically, a perfect match for the black Hallicrafters cabinets and for those with the "sliver" top.  I will "get around" to including those references included in the article.  However, for those who are interested, those paints are:
Black:  Krylon 2519 Flat Black
Silver:  Krylon 51519 Metallic Matte Aluminum
Being that Krylon is now owned by Sherwin-Williams, the fact that the 2519 flat black is the same shade as the Sherwin-Williams low sheen black 6403-26047 is no surprise.
Of course, I always recommend using a paint gun and air compressor for painting, for a "1-off" job, spray cans are definitely very "handy" especially to those who don't have an air compressor and paint gun.  One does have to be very careful when using spray cans.  However, if one takes care, the resulting paint job will be fine. Glen, K9STH 
 Website: http://k9sth.net

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