[Boatanchors] REAL Anchor HT-9

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Wed Oct 14 17:37:42 EDT 2015

Yes, it will anchor a good size boat.
It’s an HT-9!

I am blessed with two! of these and just got one on the air for the recent CX contest.
I’m pleased with it and they are a snap to work on, beautifully built and very accessible.

So would YOU like a 100 pound, 100W rig?
I can provide one with several of the unobtainium tuning modules.
Output coils are dicey, but I can provide one or two, which may  need some repair.
However, the output coils are on B&W B size plugbars, so BEL coils will work.
I do not plan to do any work on unit two, so you get it as I did, previously working.
I replaced the filter caps in unit one, proactively, and nothing else was wrong, believe it or not!

I’m hoping an HT-9 is worth $1000, but it’s probably not, so maybe $200.
Shipping is not reasonable, so this thing will have to be picked up at my house, RARSfest, JARSfest, Winston Salem, or elsewhere in central NC.

Drop me a not if you are interested in owning a true anchor not found in every old ham’s garage.
Also drop me a note if you have experience operating or working on HT-9s


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