[Boatanchors] FS: HP 1725A Oscilloscope 275 MHz

Bry Carling AF4K bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Thu Oct 15 14:37:43 EDT 2015

FOR SALE: Hewlett Packard Oscilloscope model 1725A. 
 (Also military grade designation of AN/USM483.) 

This is a medium sized, dual trace / 2-Channel, high performance scope. 

This beautiful laboratory oscilloscope has an input voltage range of 10mV/div to 5 V/div  
vertical deflection. The scope is capable of providing CH A, CH B, ALT, CHOP, A+B, and A  
vs. B  display modes as well as a 10 nS sweep rate expandable to 1 nS/div. It also has  
selectable  impedance of 50 ohms RF to 1 Megohm input. 
Vertical deflection factors of 10 mV/div to 5 V/div over the full bandwidth. 
Available display modes of CH A, CH B, ALT, CHOP, A+B, & A vs. B 
Sweep ranges from 10 ns/div to 0.5 Sec/div (24 ranges), 1-2-5 sequence. 

Incorporates a single marker delayed sweep, and delta time measurement capabilities 
For easy percentage measurements, reference lines of 0% and 100% amplitude are five  
divisions apart and markings for 10%, 20%, 80%, and 90% are also provided for easy  
transition time measurements. 

Comes with the 120V AC power cable and original manual.  No probes are included. 

Looks very similar to the one shown here. If you need actual pictures I have to get my phone  
camera to behave better (!) 

This is an excellent working scope. 


There are two of these on eBay right now going for $199.00 and $389.00 

Available for $139.00 plus shipping. 


Brian Carling AF4K

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