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I got a manual as recently as Friday, but can't access now.

Rather than complain and rail, I'd like to express the deepest appreciation
for those who have voluntarily provided this service for so many years.  My
hope is that enough volunteers will come forward with offers to do some
work, rather than just offering suggestions.  I have virtually no computer
skills, so unfortunately I can't help!

And, for a couple of you, not everything can be blamed on government, Obama,
Congress, etc!  This is one of them.  Some of the comments are, to say the
least, a bit of a stretch!

Let's be grateful for the generous help provided by so many of us in this

Ron K2RP

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The following was taken from the edebris site late last week.

BAMA Development

As the submissions of manuals grow and grow, I have not been able to keep up
with the influx of manuals. So, I have decided to rewrite the BAMA web site.
This new site will include multiple administrators. We will soon have a
select team of manual curators for this archive. 

Expect additional information about this effort in the fall of 2015. I want
the new site to be online in the spring of 2016. 

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