[Boatanchors] WTB: Drake Crystals for 2A, 2B, and 2C Receivers

Lee L at w0vt.us
Fri Sep 18 21:03:33 EDT 2015

I have  Drake 2A, 2B, and 2C receivers and am looking for some crystals 
for them.  They use HC-6 type.  I'm not looking for the fake small 
crystals placed within a HC-6 holder but crystals that were cut for 
these receivers.  This includes the original three that were included 
with the receiver when new.  My greatest interest are in:  11.0 Mhz, 
14.0 Mhz, 14.5 Mhz, 18.0 Mhz, 22.0 Mhz, 24.5 Mhz, 25.0 Mhz, 25.6 Mhz, 
and 26.0 Mhz crystals.  However, others would be considered too.

I've spent considerable time restoring these radios but they don't do 
much without crystals!

If you have any, drop me a private e-mail with particulars.


Lee, w0vr
Lee at w0vt.us

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