[Boatanchors] Kleinschmidt teletype

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Wed Sep 30 19:20:12 EDT 2015

  It was a wirewrapped 6502 with rewritten Kim monitor in 4 1702 256x8 eproms.
The output routine was sent baudot code. With things like .EQ. for = and
.LE. for< etc. 
  Input however was a ASCII keyboard from Jameco. You could get them for
around $10. 
  Later I made a tape interface so that I could load  tiny basic. I first had only
1k bytes of ram  ( 8x 2102) but finally got up to 32 k with 8 4k boards all on 22 pin double readout
PCB's hand etched by a friend here in town.  Took a lot of power. 
  I still have it in the basement somewhere.
A flood ruined my model 15 and my speedgraphic camera. along with a lot of other stuff.
Was not exactly a flood, we had a ice storm and loss of power for about a week and 
the basement filled up with water since the sump pump did not work.
  My second computer was a Rockwell AIM-65 that I put into an old IBM took kit.
MY first lap top. It had a little thermal printer and a LED alph numeric display.
I got a 32kB memory board that was intended for, I think, OSI computers. That 
board cost $600 those days. This was around 1979. I still used my model 15 sometimes for
printouts but replaced it with a surplus chain printer, about 250 lb monster. 
  I knew the company I was working for was going bust so I also added A/D and D/A to
it with the intent of going into consulting. However, an engineering position opened up
at the University of Kentucky in the Physics department. I applied and took my computer
in the attache case. It impressed them, but they showed me their fast Z80 s-100 computers
and I challenged one professor to a race. We both had Microsoft basic and entered the same
program, something like 10000 multiplies, I won. I got the job too.
  Sorry to be so long winded, but you did ask.

Bill wa4lav

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Bill!  tell us  more  about the computer
and  how  you used the 15  with it... as a printer? or also  as a keyboard input  device.

Thanks Ed Sharpe Archivist  for SMECC

In a message dated 9/29/2015 8:12:15 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, wlfuqu00 at uky.edu writes:
   That reminds me, some day I need to find a model 15 TTY so that I can get my first computer up and going again.
It is down stairs and perhaps may still work if the old eproms are still good.
   All wire wrapped.
Bill wa4lav

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