[Boatanchors] FS a beautiful Collins 310B-1 transmitter

Charlie Hugg k5mbx at suddenlink.net
Sun Apr 3 21:54:59 EDT 2016

FS a beautiful Collins 310B-1 transmitter. The good news first: This is the
cleanest 310B that I have seen. It almost looks new. There are a few scuffs
in the cabinet paint and around a couple of the knob skirts, but overall it
is amazing.

I have lots of pictures available on request. It works great putting out a
clean CW signal. It comes with the B&W Junior Coils in their original boxes
for 20, 40, and 80 meters. The serial number is 270. Now for the bad news:
There have been significant modifications to the transmitter. The power
supply has been rebuilt and converted to solid state. All of the power
supply related tubes have been replaced with boards of diodes, resistors,
and capacitors. The 2E26 power amplifier tube has been replaced with a 6146B
and a 5763 tube has been used as a driver. Two of the three 6AG7 tubes
remain. A variable tuning capacitor has been added that serves as a Loading
Capacitor. A Loading Coil has been plugged in the coil receptacle and wired
to the loading capacitor. The results are it puts out almost 50 watts and
loads much like a Collins 32S-1. I was not sure what band it covered with
the coil that was plugged into the transmitter. It does not look like a B&W
coil. It did not load on 10 or 15 meter, but loaded great on 20 meters. I
did not check it on 40 and 80 meters. I figured it was configured for 20
meters only without changing coils. More good news is that the modifications
were done very professionally. I am asking $525 for this 310B-1 plus
shipping.  If I were more of a CW person, I would keep it. It is beauty.
Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX             


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