[Boatanchors] HRO-500

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Fri Apr 15 21:49:29 EDT 2016

My club is likely to be disposing of an HRO-500.
It’s silver faced, clean, unmolested, and functional, but needing alignment.
Knowledgeable input suggests we ask $1200 for it.
Ebay has run from $450-2000, so we are in the range.
This one comes with sales documentation from HRO showing it received some sort of factory upgrade before being sold.
It’s in central NC and we don’t want to ship, but would for the right offer.  Of course we’d also hold it if someone can make arrangements for later pickup.
I’ve seen this unit, but not operated it.  Another club member, very competent, has verified its basic functionality.
Anyone interested can drop me an email, to which I will respond next week.

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