[Boatanchors] FS Restored Shortwave Receiver Hallicrafters WR-600

Howard Holden holden7471 at msn.com
Sun Apr 17 21:48:12 EDT 2016

Charlie, I already have one of these, but a brief story about em - back in 
1967-68 I had my own Gitmo call sign KG4DF. Used a WR-600 I bought at the 
PX, and a Knight T-60 transmitter my dad sent me, low 15/20 dipole strung 
between two palm trees, and a ground plane antenna made from curtain rods 
for 10 meters. Worked all over the place on 10/15/20 CW and AM, lots of DX 
and all states except HI. 10M AM was my preferred band at that time, and 
with the BFO/regen control set almost to oscillation, and a small Ameco tube 
preamp a kind ham from Indiana sent me, the WR-600 did an admirable job. 
Also used it for BC DXing in the wee hours of the night. And the freq 
coverage is .5 Mhz (not .5 Khz) to 30.....a nice little radio to play around 

73 Howie WB2AWQ

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FS Restored Shortwave Receiver Hallicrafters WR-600. Vintage tube type
receiver in great cosmetic and operational condition. The receiver has been
gone though and recapped and tubes replaced where needed. It has also been
aligned. It Covers .5kHz to 30mHz. Pictures available. Price is $79 plus
shipping. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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