[Boatanchors] TR Switch

Ray, W4BYG w4byg at att.net
Sun Aug 14 17:09:01 EDT 2016

W0VT's post reminds me I picked up in the distant past, a apparently 
rare TR switch that I can find nothing on.  Maybe someone on the list 
has some knowledge or data on it.

It has no case, labeled: Lynmar Engineering, Philadelphia.  The chassis 
box is quite small with one side open.  The label says it is a "TRS-2 
trans-receive switch".  It uses 2 miniature tubes (one is an OA2 
regulator and one is missing).

My guess it comes from the late 40's or early 50's.

Sure would like to track down a schematic for it.  Bama doesn't list it.

Your attention is appreciated.

Ray, W4BYG

-- I'm no longer young enough to know everything!

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