[Boatanchors] For Sale - Hallicrafters Collection

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at cox.net
Sun Dec 18 11:41:13 EST 2016

I'm re-posting this for a friend, Dan, KE7ASK.
Contact him with any questions or offers....

   dan at dhinteriorsllc.com

As noted below, I have created a website that features
several photographs of each item.  Curiosity can be
satisfied with just a mouse click.


Jim Bromley, K7JEB, Glendale, Arizona, USA


KE7ASK Radio Collection    Email:  dan at dhinteriorsllc.com

Below you will find a list of radios with pricing.  I also have
a PDF file showing several photos of these items.  If you're
interested in any of these, please contact me via email and I
will get back to you immediately.

I will also accept a reasonable cash offer for the entire lot.
I have priced these items to sell however, due to a move, I am
motivated to provide someone with a wonderful collection for a
fair cash price --- no trades. Thank you.

Photos and more information at:


RADIO/EQUIPMENT                     PRICE             NOTES

1.  Hallicrafters SX-101A           350.00      With vintage manual

2.  Hallicrafters HT-32B            375.00      With nice manual

3.  Hallicrafters HT-33A            400.00      With nice manual

4.   (SOLD)

5.  Hallicrafters SX-111            200.00

6.  Hallicrafters SX-71             150.00      With reprint manual

7.  Hallicrafters S-120              30.00

8.  Hallicrafters SP-44 Panadaptor   75.00

9.  Hallicrafters SR-34             250.00

10. Gonset Communicator IV       75.00     With power, VFO cables

11. Gonset Communicator VFO   75.00  (I'd like to sell these as a pair)

12. Gonset GPP-1 Phone Patch      40.00     With "patch cable"

13. ElectroVoice Hand Microphone  --.--     Part of Gonset Station

14. Hallicrafters CRX-2       30.00     With original box and I.D. tags

15. Hallicrafters CRX-100      20.00

16. Hallicrafters CRX-101      20.00

17. Hallicrafters CRX-102      20.00

18. Hallicrafters CRX-107      20.00

19. Electra Bearcat III Scanner  30.00  With orig manual, power cord

20. Hallicrafters CB-3A      25.00     With mic and car dash bar

21. Hallicrafters CB-17      15.00     With mic

22. Hallicrafters CB-19      20.00     With mic and power cord

23. Hallicrafters CB-21/R2   20.00     With mic

24. Hallicrafters HCM-261 CB  50.00     With mic

25. Hallicrafters HA-12A Encoder 25.00  With orig box, pwr cable, Man.

26. Johnson Messenger 132 CB    40.00     With power cord

27. Hallicrafters HA-1 TO Keyer    50.00

28. Heathkit HD-1410 Keyer    45.00     With power cord

29. Hallicrafters R-46B Speaker   35.00

30.  (SOLD)

31.  (SOLD)

32. Heathkit HM-102 SWR Meter    40.00     With original manual

33. Heathkit HM-2102 SWR Meter   40.00     With original manual

34. Military UGC-74 Teletype     80.00

35.  (SOLD)

36. STACO Variac           75.00     With power cord

37.  (SOLD)

38. 2 - Heathkit CanTenna 1 kW
     Dummy Loads (with oil)          30.00 each

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