[Boatanchors] WTB - Vintage Electrolytic Capacitor / Condenser Cans

Mark Miller markmiller at optonline.net
Sun Feb 28 12:55:14 EST 2016

Looking to purchase vintage capacitor cans.

- values can range from 4 mfd to 16 mfd
- contain multiple sections (i.e. 8-8)
- mount into .75" chassis holes with threaded base and hex nut
- approx 4" above the chassis x 1.25" diameter
- prefer type with paper labels
- Cornell Dubilier, National Union, Sprague, others

The physical condition of the can and label is more important than the capacitor's electrical measurements since new components will be installed under the chassis.

Thank you.


> Wanted - Looking to buy one or more pairs of National Union 6P5G tubes.  New Old Stock preferred (of course), but will consider good used pairs.  Also interested in pre-war Leslie speakers (Vibratone, 30A, 30C) and parts.
> Thank you.
> Mark

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