[Boatanchors] FS: Elmac AC power supply and AF-54 transmitter

Ray, W4BYG w4byg at att.net
Sat Jan 9 12:44:52 EST 2016

After many years in ham radio, I'm thinning the herd.  From my personal 

I have a very nice, fairly rare  Elmac PS-2V 115VAC power supply, with 
the CFS-1 DC cable.  They are designed for the AF-67 transmitters.
This supply is in excellent physical condition with no rust and very few 
marks or signs of it's age.  It has not been used in several years and 
will probably need the filter caps either reformed or replaced.  This is 
a good find for Elmac owners and collectors.  It should very easy to 
bring back on line.
Asking $150, plus estimated 32 lbs shipping from 37312.

I also have a very nice Elmac AF-54 in excellent condition with very few 
marks from usage.  It doesn't appear to me to have ever been used mobile.
The dial is clear, as is the meter.  The front panel is excellent. The 
knobs are original.  It may be one of the nicest AF-54's around.
Asking $100, plus estimated 15 lbs shipping from 37312.

Pixes available for serious inquiries.  I always pack securely and safely.

FYI:  I will also shortly begin to offer my collection of more than 35 
legacy grid dip meters and antique wavemeters

Your attention is appreciated..
Ray, W4BYG
Cleveland, TN

I'm no longer young enough to know everything!

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