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Hello:Last July my wife and I and our two kids moved into a small house in Arlington Virgina.  Arlington is a Wash DC suburb.  Google says our house is 7 miles from the White House.  I think all of you know DC and much of the rest of the US east coast is digging out from a big snow storm.
Earlier today I was outside working with my neighbors.  We were helping each other dig out our drive ways so we could get our cars out in.  Our neighbor, Denny , an older gentleman showed up with a big snow blower.  Denny and his wife live across the street and one house west from my house.  Denny helped all of us.  He refused gas money and worked unceasingly.
It is really nice having such neighbors.  I have benefited many times in prior neighborhoods before from generous neighbors with snow removal equipment but never before have I had my drive way snow blow-ed clear ......  by a retired four star US Army General, former Army Chief of Staff.
Somehow Thank you for your Service does not seem adequate.
Bruce  KJ3Z

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 Subject: [Boatanchors] FS Dentron AT-3K Antenna Tuner
FS Dentron AT-3K Antenna Tuner. This tuner is the conventional T-shaped
transmatch tuner made popular by Lew McCoy (W1ICP. The tuner tunes from
160-10 Meters. It has handle up to 3KW power. The case and front panel are
in good condition. Paint is original. The internal portion of the tuner is
clean as well and has not been exposed to a smoking environment. There are
no issues with the tuner. If you do a little research everyone refers to the
tuners as being built like a tank. These are fairly rare tuners and it is
hard to find a manual. I can provide a link to a website that has lots of
information on the tuner and a schematic. Price is $275 plus shipping.
Pictures are available. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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