[Boatanchors] Fwd: Re: FS: POST VERSALOG

Ernie Kluft K5EJK at Kluft.US
Sat Jan 30 17:35:56 EST 2016

>Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 16:34:51 -0600
>To: George Griesbach <w5grg at w5grg.net>
>From: Ernie Kluft <K5EJK at Kluft.US>
>Subject: Re: [Boatanchors] FS: POST VERSALOG
>         George....   I went to U Florida back in the 60's...   EE 
> major....   We had a hell of a time with our Versalogs because the 
> humidity change from morning to night caused the slides to either 
> stick or be too loose...   Then the K&E Decilon came out....  Some 
> kind of really good grade plastic...  Still have it....  Ernie

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