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Chuck wcmoore at verizon.net
Tue Nov 15 05:34:30 EST 2016

 Couple of differnet things to try. One is another 
browser. I have no end of aggravation with
websites not playing nicely with a particular 
brand of browser. I keep Edge, IE, Firefox
and Chrome on my desktop. If i hit a snag I
will switch to one of the other browser flavors.
You would be amazed how often it fixes the
problem. HTML, CSS and JAVA are not equal
among the browsers by any shape of the

Also do not forget the magic key combination
 of 'CTRL and F5' pressed concurrently. This
combo tells the browser to flush anything
downloaded earlier and refresh it. Again that
is a frequently used tool.

Software, the tool intended to do what you 
want it to do, but often does what it is 
programmed to do despite the process is
in error.


Chuck WD4HXG

On 11/14/16, w5jo at brightok.net wrote:

No trouble for me, try deleting your history or cache.


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Has anyone else had trouble logging into eHam lately? I enter my login
credentials and the page sends m right back to the login page. I have
reached out to the eHam site manager with no response. Thoughts?

Thanks and 73

Mike W2IY

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