[Boatanchors] Swap meet for sale list

Wally Gibbons wally.gibbons at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 23:59:38 EDT 2016

This Saturday (October 8th) I'll be at the Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club
Annual Swaptoberfest swap meet in Logan Utah. I'll have the following with
me for sale.
I'm retiring in a few years and am starting to whittle down the
accumulation of stuff.

For Sale List:

Hewlett Packard Model 200 Audio Oscillator - recapped and working
Atwater Kent Model 53
Majestic Model 70
General Electric Model A82 "Fishmouth" Radio
AN GRR5 (Angry 5) Military Receiver - Working
Singer FM-10 Service Monitor
Two Tektronix 310 Oscilloscopes
Pair of Motorola P200 HT's on 52.525 MHz
Pair of Motorola MT1000 HT's on 29.600 MHz
Icom ID-31 DStar handheld
Grebe MU-1 Synchrophase
2 Zenith tube Transoceanics
    1: 8G005
    1: 5H40 chassis model
Two B&K Model 707 tube testers.
TRF tube set in poor condition. Lots of good parts including 01A sockets
and tuning capacitors, coils.
Johnson Viking 1 AM 100 watt transmitter
Heathikit DX-100B AM 100 watt transmitter
Sparton Model 617 Radio chassis (It's a frankenradio) in a Crosley cabinet
Heathkit transistor curve tracer

Probably other stuff too, just haven't had time to get it on the list.
Priced to move. Don't want to take it back home.
See www.barconline.org for swapmeet details.


Wally Gibbons, AF7FH
North Logan, Utah

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