[Boatanchors] magazine collection

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Mon Oct 17 01:51:37 EDT 2016

Have a question for the group...

A ham friend of mine recently moved up north into another state.  He gave me a bunch of stuff he's collected

over the years, including a LARGE library of ham magazines, some going back to 1953, two years after I was born.

I'm going through a few at a time as I get moments.  I've put some of the military manuals up for sale on the

ARC5 mailing list.

Here's my question.   Is there much interest out there for the older magazines ... CQ, QST, 73, Ham Radio?

I don't know if I have complete years or not.   His daughter and I basically just pulled them off the shelves and

stacked them in the trunk of my car and back seat and I brought them home.   Took me two days to get them all

out of my car.. HI HI.

In the case of the 73 magazines, I probably won't hold onto them because I recently bought the whole collection

on CD.  But, there may be some of the others where I will hang onto particular issues.  Don't know what I will do

with the rest.  My local library has a good collection of years worth of QST, so they probably won't go there.  Besides

some of them aren't in the best of shape too.

Anyhow .. would be interested in thoughts and input.  I've seen some collections put up for sale on here in the

past, but I don't know how that went over and what the results were...

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