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Precision DMM, DMM / Counter Combo, Counter / Timers,
Audio Generator, Sweep Generator, and more For Sale:

HP 3476 A Digital Multi Meter:

The HP model 3476A is a 3½-digit instrument that
measures dc and ac volts, dc and ac current, and
resistance. It has autoranging and autopolarity
selection but it also has a range-hold function that
retains a range regardless of input changes. Note that
it measures AC currents, which many do not measure.

Full-scale ranges are from ±0.110V to ±1000V dc and
ac, ±0.110 to 1.10A dc and ac, and 1.10kΩ to 11,000kΩ.
The frequency range for ac voltage and current
measurements is 45Hz to 5kHz.

This is a very high quality DMM for the bench.
It has a calibration sticker on it (that is out
of date), which shows the quality of this meter.

This particular unit works as it should, although
there is a segment of the LED readout that is out,
but this does not detract from its accuracy and
usefullness. It is in very nice cosmetic condition.

With paper work for $120.

HP 5306 A, Precision DMM and Counter:

The HP 5306 A is a precision 4 1/2 digit digital multi
meter and counter combination unit. This is a lab
quality precision instrument. It is not a very high
precision, $10,000 unit, but is right below that category.
It is much better than the standard "bench" meter. It
measures DC and AC voltages to 1000 V (AC frequency
response from 40 Hz up to 100 KHz), and resistance to
10 Megs. Input impedance is 10 Meg, with extremely
high (over 80 db) Common Mode Rejection Ratio.

It also has a built in frequency counter, as an added
It is in a metal, shielded, enclosure, and is powered by
120 V AC.

This one works 100% with really great accuracy. It looks
extremely nice.
Paper work is included for only $200.

Fluke 7261 A, Counter/Timer:

The Fluke 7261A Universal Counter/Timer measures frequencies
to 125MHz while offering good resolution accuracy. It incorpor-
ates a 100MHz clock providing 10 ns resolution! Makes time-
interval or single-period measurements and will average from
100 to 105 such measurements per reading when greater res-
olution or accuracy is desired. 1X, 10X, or 100X selectable
attenuation and a switchable 100kHz low-pass filter are also
provided. It has two inputs, permitting ratio measuring, plus
many other exotic features.

Although the specs only list it good up to 125 MHz, it measures
2 meter frequencies just fine, and with much greater accuracy
than most counters.

This one works as it should, and looks extremely nice.

Only $75.

LG (EZ Digital) 1.5 GHz Frequency Counter:

The LG (EZ Digital) FC-7150 1.5GHz Frequency Counter
measures frequencies between 0.1Hz~150MHz in A input,
50MHz~1.5GHz in C input. Input A measures Period, Total,
and RPM. It has a 9 Digit display.

Frequency measuring range: 0.1Hz~150MHz in A input,
...50MHz~1.5GHz in C input
Period/Total/RPM measurement for input A
9 digit display
High sensitivity external reference input function
Microprocessor controlled
Reciprocal technique for high resolution at low frequency
Push-scanning for selecting function and gate time
Low-pass filter installed for removing noise signal
AC/DC coupling function with selectable X1 / X10 attenuator
Data hold function

More info at

This unit works 100%, and looks extremely nice.

With paper work for $250.

Eico 378 Audio Generator:

Based on a highly reliable circuit, the 378 Audio Generator
produces a very low distortion sine wave signal over a very
wide range of frequencies and is ideal for use in testing
audio amplifiers for gain and frequency response, as a signal
source for various bridge measuring circuits, for modulation
of RF signal generators, or any other application where a
stable, accurate audio sine wave must be used.

Unlike most other audio generators that require interpretation
of a dial setting with possible error, the frequency determining
elements of the Model 378 are set by positive setting detent
switches that select combinations of 1% resistors and 2%

The output level of this instrument can be set with great accuracy
between 0 and 10 volts RMS on a large 4-1/2 inch meter.

This one works fine, and looks very nice.
Paper work included for $60.
RCA WR-69 A Sweep Generator For Sale:

The WR-69 A is a sweep generator that is used
to align FM radios and TV sets.

More information is available at

I do not know much about this unit, except that apparently
it works. When I connect a scope, I see a sine wave at the
output. Beyond that I really do not know how to test it.

It looks great. Paper work is included for $40.

I have more test equipment that will be coming soon.
This silent key was a Motorola Test Engineer, and had
a large room of quality equipment -- a lot with
calibration stickers on it.

This includes such things as

Boonton 92 B, RF Millivolt meter
Boonton 92 AD, RF Millivolt meter

RCA WA-44 B, Audio Generator
RCA SC-611, Broad Band Sweep Generator
RCA WR-41 B, Sweep Generator
RCA WR-70 A, RF/IF Marker Generator
RCA WV-510 A, VTVM +++

General Radio 1433 P, Precision Resistance Decade Box

CDE Precision Decade Boxes

There are more items but this is a start.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these.

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400


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