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Will the seller ship the gear????
Seems lately that "non-shipping" is a big issue with some.  Maybe even this particular situation.
I've recently been involved in an SK estate where non-shipping was a big turn off to one individual.  Just wanting to see if this case is different.  Negative postings to this list about the subject in my situation didn't fully understand the sellers (xyl) needs or personal situation.
Let us all know the rules.

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Something happened with the last list I sent.   Here is the complete message:

The daughter continues to inventory what her dad left behind with his passing, but here is an updated list

I've put together from what I've seen so far.  For those who have inquired, the equipment is located in Toledo, Ohio.

She is more interested in getting the items to those who will use them, instead of buying them just to flip them.

I am simply trying to help her out because she knows almost nothing about ham radio and is asking my help in identifying items that are ham related and what my thoughts are on their potential.  She has already declined an estate buyer offer for everything because she knows the buyer would just double prices and flip them.

Part of the problem is that her dad was also into stereo equipment, so we have to single them out from the ham related stuff.   Her dad was employed in the electronics field for many years and has some equipment that goes back to the 60s, and comes forward to some of the most recent stuff sold like an IC 7600.

I'm sure there will be more coming, but here's what I have seen so far...

Heil Pro 40 microphone

Icom IC7600 (still has the plastic over part of the front panel)

Yaesu FT 101B

Viking Valiant

BK 1471B scope

Icom IC-R70

Grundig satellit 800 Millenium shortwave receiver

Icom IC-R1 scanner which covers up to 1300 mhz

IC VR500 receiver which covers up to 2600 mhz and retailed for $995 new

Gonset GSB 101 amp

Yaesu FL2100B amp

Viking Invader

Tempo 2020 transceiver

A number of new in box Wilson 1000 mobile antennas

Yaesu FLDX 2000 amp

NCL 2000 amp

Siltronix Model 90 VFO

Arrow 6 meter ground plane GP52 antenna new in package

Grundig Satellit 750 shortwave receiver

Galaxy 100FC frequency counter

Viking Challenger

Kenwood SM230 station monitor

Radio Shack DX402 and DX394 receivers

Adonis AM 7500E microphone

Kenwood PS52 power supply

KLV 1000 amplifier (this is a new one, but I've told her most hams consider them junk)

Kenwood TS520SE

A number of very good condition D-104 microphones

Midland 22-50 microphone test base

Grundig Satellit 750 shortwave receiver

Again, no prices have been set.  If youre interested, she is more than willing to negotiate so she can get these to people who want to use them rather than resell them.  She's already turned down an estate purchaser because she knows he would just double prices and resell them.

Ray  wa7itz

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