[Boatanchors] Heathkit single bander FS

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Sat Feb 4 13:29:58 EST 2017

I have a Heathkit single bander for 80 meters for sale.  In very good cosmetic condition.

This will be an easy project for someone, especially Heath afficianados.  It receives.  It also transmits

although the power output is very low.  I suspect the common problem of bad grounds on the PC board.

I swapped out the final without any improvement.  May just need a thorough alignment.

I am letting this go for several reasons.  I have another, I am out of room in the shack because of recent

acquisitions, I am remodeling the shack, and with work commitments I just dont have time to get to it.

No power supply because I only have one that powers the other two single banders I have.

SO ...  is there someone who is looking for a project, or even someone who might want a spare for parts?

In order to get it out the door, I am looking to get around $85 shipped.  But, am willing to negotiate.

Hope someone will jump on this so it can find a good home.

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