[Boatanchors] station for sale

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Wed Feb 8 08:57:56 EST 2017

Due to recent equipment acquisitions and running out of space, I've decided to let a couple of pieces go.

Would prefer to sell them together as they would make a great station, but will separate if necessary.

I have a Kenwood TS-520 transceiver.  Works great, and I've even used it mobile, sitting on the passengers seat of my car.  Only issue is a couple of rings on the top, which I think were from a coffee cup.  It was the first 520 I bought used and it still works great.  I also have the original Kenwood box it came in.  It also has the DC module on it for 12 volt operation.  I may have the manual, I'll look and see.  If not, it's easily downloaded online.

The other piece is a Heath SB200 amp.  Full output, and looks great.  Only one issue with it. The diodes in the SWR meter circuit need replacing.  Power output function works fine though.

For the pair, I would like to get $600 plus shipping.   As I said, I will separate and will let the 520 go for $275.  I'd like to get $325 for the 200 amp.  Plus shipping for both.   May be willing to give some wiggle room, so don't be afraid to talk.

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