[Boatanchors] FS: NEAR MINT Alpha 76CA Amplifier Lower Price

Charlie Hugg k5mbx at suddenlink.net
Sun Jan 8 13:05:50 EST 2017

FS: NEAR MINT Alpha 76CA Amplifier This amp is the CA Model with factory
epoxy encapsulated Hypersil power transformer. It does full output plus
some. It has the low drive mod and the 10 meter mod. It has a replacement
front panel from Alpha. The Front Panel is a beautiful blue/grey color. This
is a fairly rare color for Alphas. I have only seen it on 78s. It is like
new inside and out. It is a late model. I have paper work back to the owner
who purchased it in 1988. It comes with an Original Manual and Factory Alpha
Box. Wired for 220VAC. Has 3 full output 8874 tubes. It works perfectly
except the metering does not read quite right. I use a Pluslar and tune for
maximum output so is not a problem for me. I have lowered the price from
$1650 to $1450 plus shipping. Lots of pictures available. This really is one
of the cleanest Alpha 76s that I have seen. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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