[Boatanchors] various manuals

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Wed Jul 19 10:54:03 EDT 2017

Cleaning out a stash of ham radio and other assorted printed materials that I acquired from a friend who moved to another state.   Thought I'd see if anyone was interested in some of these materials before I decide what to do with them.  Need to clean out the shack ....  at least my wife says so.   HI HI

-  instruction manual for Kenwood TM-D700A dual bander.

- Manual of Electronic Servicing Tests and Measurements by Robert C. Genn, Jr.

- Manual for Mastr II repeater station combination.

- Manual for Motorala HT220 handie-talkie

- Manual for Motorola Astro digital spectra mobile radios

- Manuals for Hewlett Packard Signal Generator and Network Analyzer

- Manual for GE MPS synthesized two way FM radio combinations (handhelds)

-Service manual for LPH series synthesized portable radio (madeby KING)

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