[Boatanchors] 6L6-813 Homebrew CW Transmitter for Sale

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Thu Sep 28 06:50:46 EDT 2017

Soon we won't be able to get rid of any of this stuff, so mentioning ebay is a good thing!
We need every possible method of locating people who might be attracted to BA stuff!
It looks like it might have been headed for 80m, but not finished?
Is there a plate cap?  I see some braid that might have one attached.
The neutralizing cap is VERY close, way too much for an 813, unless it's in some sort of bridge setup.
Even so, it's close for a normal 813 B+.
There's no link, so how could it be series fed?  
Is there a loading cap for a pi network output under the chassis?
Almost looks like something never finished, but why would the B+ be hooked up?
Maybe it was supposed to get a plate choke for parallel feed?

I was given a nicely built pair of 813 a few yr ago.
It was old and dirty, but one would think it had been in service at some time.
Not so!  The filaments were wired in series! and there were no parasitic chokes from the plate choke to the tubes.
It took under an hour to have it on the air, so someone got close but didn't get their reward!

Someone could strip the tank components and make something usable out of yours pretty easily.
Good luck,

> I hesitated about mentioning an eBay listing, but it is a fixed price 
> buy-now, so I'm just getting more exposure for a pick-up item.

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