[Boatanchors] Looking for a few BAD old radio parts --

Mike Langner mlangner at swcp.com
Mon Aug 6 11:47:52 EDT 2018

Hello everyone !

As an avid boatanchor repair, restore, and user, I've been asked to present
a session on "Repair & Restoration Of Great Old Radios" for the upcoming
statewide New Mexico Amateur Radio Convention, the "Duke City Hamfest" on
September 21 - 23.

I'm making a PowerPoint presentation, but I'm also hoping to provide a table
full of "bad parts" for folks to see, smell, and measure as well as some
disassembled equipment for show-and-tell.

I figure some resistors that are no longer the values they're supposed to
be, some leaky or shorted electrolytics, an arced-over air variable or two,
a smoked small transformer or two, and a few tubes that have "sucked air"
and have their getter flash appearance changed along with some melted AirDux
or equivalent and whatever else will be interesting will be a good part of
the quick educational experience.

Of course, I wish now I'd kept all the defective components I've replaced in
nearly 60 years of broadcast tech work and more years than that as an active
ham !

If you might have any "bad" components - or even some good pictures of some
- I'd love to incorporate them in this presentation.  Then I'll make this
presentation, the PowerPoint and script, and the "bad" components available
to any ham anywhere who might want to customize it and present it at
hamfests in their area.

This is one way we can get the romance and nostalgia of our great old
equipment pieces and the feeling of accomplishment bringing them back to
life into newer hams.

We hear lots of complaints that there are so many "appliance operators" in
our ranks.  Let's help them become more active and comfortable with the
business end of a soldering iron !

Please let me know if you might be willing to part with a few dead or "bad"
components.  I'll happily reimburse your postage cost.

And I hope this presentation/exhibit will travel many miles to many places
after the Duke City Hamfest enriching the lives of so many of us who are
passionate about our real radios that glow in the dark !! I will do the very
best for our Amateur community that I can !!

My own first transmitter was a little Hallicrafters HT-17 and a National
NC-57B - so very crude by today's standards, and such a wonderful,
world-widening rig for a young teen-ager in the 1950's !!  And they launched
many years of rewarding hamming and an equally rewarding career in broadcast
engineering culminating in radio station ownership and management!

I owe Amateur Radio a great deal !!

Many thanks and 73!



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