[Boatanchors] Pre estate sale

ka9egw at ka9egw.com ka9egw at ka9egw.com
Thu Feb 1 06:15:55 EST 2018

New much smaller qth forces sale of some of my toys...
Drake: R4B, T4XB, R4C, T4XC
Hallicrafters: HT40 HT32 HT37 (2 ea)
Heath: HA-10 good iron new Taylor tubes, DX40 (2 ea)
Eldico: Twins with matching SWR meter, SSB100 with new spare CRT
Collins: 30L-1/Harbach PS + NOS Cetrons, R-388, R-390A
Johnson: Viking II (2ea), KW MB
B&W: 6100
National: HRO-60
Plus I'm not sure what all else

Offers on the entire lot welcomed, and preferred, all offers entertained.
73, Brian
ka9egw at ka9egw.com

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