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Glad you got your squeal fixed!  Glen Zook is the "radio whisperer!"
Diagnoses from far away using telepathy with Heathkits.

Don't wait for the store to rebuild.  Try https://www.justradios.com/

They are in Canada, and ship to US daily.  Prices extremely reasonable, easy
ordering from their spreadsheet on the website with PayPal or CC.  Have used
them lots of times with no problems.

If you want to stay with original looking caps, try Hayseed Hamfest.  They
supply can capacitors that look original, but, or course, at much higher

If you want it to look original, you could also dig the stuffing our of the
original cans and replace with modern caps, which are much, much smaller
than they used to be.  Messy, but cheap way to do it.

Me, I just disconnect the cans, leave them there to look good, and solder
new caps underneath.  (Don't tell anyone)

Ron K2RP

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My thanks to all those who offered advice on the horrendous squeal when I
turned the audio gain up over a quarter of the way.

It was, in fact, the bypass capacitor in the audio stage.  Glen Zook
identified the exact one for me too.  This morning about 1 a.m. because I
couldn't sleep, I opened up the 101 and replaced the capacitor.  Fired up
the rig and no more squeal.   The next fix moves to the HP23 power supply.
Even with the volume completely down, there is a noticable hum ...   and we
all know what that hum is characteristic of.  HI HI.     So, filter caps in
the power supply are next.
But after replacing the bypass ... I was greeted by the rush of a radio with
no antenna connected.  I then crawled into bed and went to sleep.    :)

It could be a little while before the filter replacement is accomplished.
We have a parts store here in Salt Lake called Ra Elco.  It is literally a
heaven for those who need parts at a reasonable price.  It started out as a
ham store where us newbies would go to drool over the used gear and dream.
Then it changed to a Lafayette outlet, before finally transforming into a
parts store which would put even Radio Shack to shame.    Anyhow, we turned
on the news a couple weeks ago, and watched the report and video of the
store up in flames, which started somehow overnight.    About a third of the
store was engulfed.   The owners vow they will recover and get back in
business ... but in the meantime, I'll have to scrounge through the shack to
see if I can scrape together some filter caps and hope RaElco gets back in
business soon.  You could almost hear the groans of anguish from all the
hams and repair shops in the state and a couple nearby states too...
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