[Boatanchors] Major shack cleaning

RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at msn.com
Sat Mar 17 16:17:03 EDT 2018

OK ..   we've all heard the term "your eyes are bigger than your stomach."   Well, I've come to the conclusion that my eyes are too big for my shack.  So, some big time reduction is necessary.

I have the following that need new homes.  If seriously interested, I can send pics and some negotiations are possible.

Hallicrafters SR 150.   Got this in a package deal with an SX 117.  Keeping the SX 117 for the time being.  I do not have a power supply for the 150, but what I can tell you is that its in pretty darn good condition.  I cleaned it up, including removing a small mud insect nest in the corner.  Because the 117 is working so well (just needs some tweaking of the VFO calibration capacitor), I have no reason to think that the 150 wont fire right up with a power supply.  Cosmetically looks great.

Would like to get $185 shipped.

Have a Hallicrafters SX 130 receiver.  Cosmetically in good shape, but this will need some work.  It was a lab receiver in a crystal manufacturing company which moved to a new facility and disposed of a number of radios.  All the tubes are there, but no audio.  I suspect that a good cleaning of the switches will bring it back.  Crystal manufacturing had a tendency to create dust.    I think this has a very good chance of being brought back to life.  If not, then the tubes are some sought after ones.  I'd like to get $150 shipped.

I have a very good condition Realistic DX 302 general coverage receiver.  It works great, and I have used it to listen around occasionally.  It operates on both AC and batteries.  Would be great at home or to take with you camping.

Would like to get $135 shipped.

Have two Galaxy rigs that would make good projects, or use one to restore the other.  Galaxy 5 and a Galaxy 3.

If someone took both, they would probably do best to use the 5 to restore the 3.  The 5 cabinet is kind of rough.

I have no power supplies.  Make a reasonable offer for one or both, and we'll talk.  I've had them for some time, and would like to get them out of the shack, as I'm not going to get around to restoration.

Have a Realistic T-175 6/10 meter amplifier.  Its in fairly good shape, but needs a good cleaning on the inside.

I got it thinking I'd put it on 6 meters, but it turns out that it's not rated for very much more than what I'm getting out of my six meter rig in the first place.   Looking to get around $100 shipped, mainly so I can get it out of the shack and into someones hands that can use it, or can use the parts.   Sweep tube finals, which could be used in other rigs, but if  you are QRP on 6 or 10, this would give you a fairly good boost.

I have two other rigs that I won't put a price on, but will negotiate with serious potential buyers.

One is a Drake TR4.   Excellent cosmetic condition, but transmitter will need some work.  I have other Drakes in my shack, so instead of diving into this one, I'm letting it go.  I got it to put on the air, but got the other Drakes shortly after which are already working fine.  I've had it open and did some preliminary checks, and I believe this has a seriously good potential to be put back on the air in excellent looking condition too.

The last one is a Kenwood TS-520.   This one is fully operational.  In fact, it used to be my main rig in the shack.

It has the DC module on the back of it, and I have even used this one mobile, sitting it on the passenger seat of my car, operating while driving on business trips.  Have a hand mic with it.  I even have the original TS-520 box it came in from Kenwood.

So ...  if interested, holler and as Joan Rivers used to say ...  "Can we talk?"

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