[Boatanchors] Any suggestion where I can buy a cabinet for an SP-600?

Jim Hill Jim2_w6ivw at cox.net
Mon Mar 26 00:15:01 EDT 2018

Hi Mike:
Many years ago, Cal Esoquito (sp?) made a group purchase of SP-600 
cabinets from a vendor, and I purchased one.  I never got around to 
using it, and it is still in the original shipping carton, a large 
cardboard box secured with steel straps.  I'm pushing 90, and can no 
longer move the radios without help,  I sold them at the local SCARS 
auction recently.  I was going list the cabinet on eBay since I don't 
need to pack, but never got off my duff.  I've got about a hundred 
dollars in the cabinet, and will sell it for $90.  It is sight 
unseen, but if it turns out to be a dog, I'll renegotiate.

At 03:12 PM 3/25/2018, Mike Langner wrote:
>Hello everyone !
>I'd like to put my SP-600 into a cabinet.
>If you know of one that might be available I'd love to learn about it.

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