[Boatanchors] 2C39 Tubes

Fuqua, William wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Thu Nov 29 12:18:38 EST 2018

  They are quite plentiful and were predecessor to 3CX100A5/7289.

Mostly used in early microwave and radar equipment. The 3C29 goes back

to late WW2 and was replaced by the ceramic 7289 later.

   The mu is the same for both, 100, filament voltage and current are the same.

But the 7289 has slightly greater plate dissipation 100W vs 80W.

   Lots of cavity oscillators and amplifiers used these but power efficiency is

low at microwave frequencies.

   Oh, many of these type of tubes were made into plate connectors for

4-1000A tubes. Remove the aluminum fin piece, and drill it out for plate

terminal and drill/tap set screw hole. They are just about same size as the

EIMAC HR-8 connector if not the same


Bill wa4lav

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Does anyone need some 2C39?
I have no idea if they are worth anything.
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