[Boatanchors] Need info on a keying relay

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   ART-13 antenna relay, 28 volt DC.

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   Subject: [Boatanchors] Need info on a keying relay
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   Date: Sat, October 13, 2018 11:11 am
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   Fellow BAers, I am trying to figure out the workings of a vacuum relay
   looks like it is a T-R relay from some Navy BA. It is K102 from
   the BA is, and has the numbers CZR-410-0008-00 on it, and catalog
   G-32877-A. The glass relay is T-shaped and mounted to a gray metal case
   about 4"x5"x5" or so with the relay sticking out the top. Has anyone
   one of these or have any info on pinout for the control socket? Thanks
   73, Mike W2IY
   PS - Johnson Viking Courier still for sale, looking for offers, photos
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