[Boatanchors] Need clarification as a new member

Dick Blumenstein rcblumen at centurylink.net
Sun Mar 24 16:11:25 EDT 2019


I'm a brand new member of this mailing list and I have a couple of 

    1.  There doesn't seem to be a way to search the archives, unless I
    missed the method. I looked for a while.  There is also no help that
    I could find, which is why I am reaching out. Hence, I would assume
    in order to search, one would have to download each month's zipped
    file, unzip it and stick it in a text file in your computer and then
    do a search on that file?

    2.  Also looking in the options area, there appears to be an option
    concerning "topics" you are interested in to select, but see no way
    to specify the topic(s) of interest. Can't do it from options:

            /"/*/Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to?/*

            /By selecting one or more topics, you can filter the traffic
            on the mailing list, so as to receive only a subset of the
            messages. If a message matches one of your selected topics,
            then you will get the message, otherwise you will not./

            /If a message does not match any topic, the delivery rule
            depends on the setting of the option below. If you do not
            select any topics of interest, you will get all the messages
            sent to the mailing list."/

    No list to pull down or select. Hence, "no topics defined". How do I
    specify "topics" of interest?

Dick, K0CAT


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