[Boatanchors] Vacuum tubes for sale

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 2 15:21:09 EST 2020

I needed certain vacuum tubes to replenish my tube stock and there just happened to be an auction with many lots of tubes.  After all was said and done, with combining of lots, etc., instead of a couple hundred tubes I ended up with well over 2000-tubes!  There is just no way that I will ever use that many tubes plus the fact that they are now sitting in the dining room and my wife wants the dining room back!
So far, I have inventoried and cataloged the 7-pin and 9-pin miniature tubes.  I will get to the larger tubes as soon as possible.  Also, I went through the listings of several Internet tube vendors and averaged their pricing for each tube type.  Then, I reduced that average to get a sales price.
There is a significant number of these tube types that are used in Collins, as well as other "boat anchor", equipment.
For the listing, go to:

PLEASE follow the instructions that are on the first page of the listing.  Some tube types have only a very few in stock while there are plenty of other types in stock.
I am definitely NOT in the tube selling business!  I just need to get my wife happy again!
Glen, K9STH

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