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If I understand correctly that the system will output 150 amps, and that
this amperage must be read by the milliameter, then the shunt will have to
be very robust, since nearly all the current must pass through the shunt.
So it can't be a short length of small diameter wire..   What size wire
will be used to handle the 150 amps and what will the voltage be?
Depending on the wire size, voltage and amps, it might be possible to use
the wire itself as the shunt, placing the meter plus and minus connections
on a section of this wire.

I normally use nichrome wire as a shunt, but not for 150 amps!

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> Folks, I am holding a 150-amp DC meter whose native full scale is 50
> millivolts. If I have done my Ohm's Law correctly, the required shunt is
> 0.00033 ohms. Not in the Mouser catalog :-) :-)  Is this just like 8 inches
> of #18 wire or something? Advice welcome. aTdHvAaNnKcSe and 73, Mike W2IY
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