[Boatanchors] (fwd) [Amps] High Power Transmitter available

Larry Dighera LDighera at att.net
Wed Nov 10 16:52:29 EST 2021

I thought there may be some interest here.

On Wed, 10 Nov 2021 01:15:29 -0700, John Lyles <jtml at losalamos.com> wrote:

There is a Broadcast Electronics FM10B transmitter available whole or 
for parts, in Santa Fe. Vintage 1986 or so. The plate power supply is 
6600 volts @ 2 Amps, and I am not sure if this one is single or three 
phase (both options were made). The driver is bipolar solid state, and 
the final is a 4CX7500A. It is probably going to be recycled in scrap 
metal so if someone wants to make and offer to haul it off, thats 
better. Its at a non-commercial FM station so any donation is 
appreciated.  Contact me if interested.

John Lyles
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