[cisco-bba] About converting from IRB to RBE

Siva Valliappan svalliap at cisco.com
Tue Aug 19 11:33:07 EDT 2003



On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Mark E. Mallett wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 03:18:56PM -0700, Siva Valliappan wrote:
> >
> > > It also occured to me that I could use the "ip dhcp database"
> > > facility-- I could easily hand-construct a dhcp cache file that would
> > > be loaded into the router upon reload.  However, that would involve
> > > getting the information out of the IRB configuration to populate that
> > > fake database, information that would include VPI/VCI for each
> > > installed ARP entry, and again I have run into a wall trying to find
> > > that.
> > >
> >
> > yah.  :(
> It finally dawned on me that I could get the required info from "show
> bridge verbose" (MAC address and interface) and "show ip arp" (MAC
> address and IP address) and simply do a join to get IP address and
> interface, then hand-craft a dhcp cache file.  The remaining gotcha
> was that I could not find a way to force the cisco to re-read the dhcp
> cache file other than by rebooting.  (One also has to consider the
> lease expiration times but that's either just another join or some
> other control on the lease times).  At any rate, although it did
> require a reboot, that process worked fairly well.
> Yours,
> -mm-

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