[cisco-bba] IP DSLAM & PPPoE question

Anastassios Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Wed Aug 20 17:03:45 EDT 2003

We are testing some ip dslam equipment and i have some questions.

The dslam supports RFC1483 only, so i suppose PPP can be transfered over it and terminated 
to another router (PPPoE). The dslam acts like a bridge so its uplink ethernet interface 
has to be connected to an ethernet interface of a bbras.

What config do i need in the bbras in order to "recognise" these pppoe sessions and 
terminate them locally? Can a 7200/7100 be used for such a scenario?

 From customer's side the dsl cpe supports only RFC1483, so i support a software PPPoE 
client is required on client's PC.

    Chatzithomaoglou Anastasios
Network Design & Operations Center
           FORTHnet S.A.
       <achatz at forthnet.gr>

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