[cisco-bba] SSG questions

Ash Garg ash at telstra.net
Fri Aug 29 09:05:54 EDT 2003


Looks like we have to go thru this interface as well. We have contracted a
third party to develop the web portal.

I guess the question that comes to mind is: Should we deploy the SESM and
let the web developers use it or let them build and deploy there own? Are
there any technical advantages of one over the other?


<---------------Our Control----------------><--Web developers---->
LAC <--> Router1(SSG)<---> Cloud <--> SESM <--> Cloud <---> Radius


<---------------Our Control-----><-------Web developers---------->
LAC <--> Router1(SSG)<---> Cloud <--> SESM <--> Cloud <---> Radius


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Its also worth pointing out that there is a component within the SESM
portfolio suite that emulates the proprietary SESM-SSG interface. It is
called the Web Services Gateway (WSG) and it exposes a Web Services
interface (SOAP/HTTP), which emulates the commands between SESM and SSG,
and is used by those customers that either have their own existing
Subscriber Management System (Web Portal, etc) or simply do not wish to
use the Web Portal components of the SESM suite.


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Hi Ash:

Most of the SSG functionality that doesn't require user interaction
can be used without SESM.

But going forward, user interaction will be key for activating
dynamic services and SESM will play a key role in that solution.



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