[cisco-bba] G1 or NPE-400

Andy Schutz (aschutz) aschutz at cisco.com
Fri Dec 12 21:14:12 EST 2003


The NPE-G1 is just a bigger, better, faster RP for the 7200.  There
shouldn't be any IOS changes like unsupported configurations.  If you
are running a really old image, you might have to upgrade to support the
NPE-G1.  Check out the hardware/software compatibility tool on CCO to
make sure.

Hope that helps,


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> We've been using several NPE-400's for l2tp termination, and
> are considering the use of the G1 based systems.
> Any thoughts/suggestions or feedback regarding the
> differences between these two?
> I understand the G1 should be able to terminate more users,
> however, IOS wise what differences might I come across?
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