[cisco-bba] Can you run PQ/CBWFQ on 3640 Ethernet IF?

Paul Plantinga p.plantinga at ee.wits.ac.za
Wed Jul 23 13:10:04 EDT 2003


I'm fairly new to this but am running IOS 12.1(5)T on a cisco3640 and am trying to implement some/any priority queueing of my voice on a 10Mg Ethernet IF. It seems that you can configure anything.. but that doesn't mean it will run, so from the release notes it appears I cannot do CBWFQ or PQ on this interface, however the Cisco feature navigator says I can. I tried to test them both and it seems that they are matching correctly and being queued correctly but changing the voice class queue limit seems to have no effect on the delay of my udp packets (i.e. they are being queued behind the tcp no matter?). So are the config commands being ignored? (but my packet losses indicate some effect in changing queue limit).
Ultimately, what form of PQ can I run for voice in my setup?

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