[cisco-bba] L2TP sessions on 7200

sthaug at nethelp.no sthaug at nethelp.no
Fri Jul 25 14:20:24 EDT 2003

> I have read a lot of conversations about 7200 and the max number of l2tp sessions it can 
> support, but all the answers are making me think that there is something wrong with my 
> case. My router doesn't even seem capable of reaching 1000 sessions.
> I have a 7206 (NPE-300) and with 550 sessions it reaches 50% - 60% cpu load.
> Is there anything i can do in order to decrease it?
> "ip cef" doesn't seem to do anything...

We found when doing L2TP termination that there's a big difference
between the number of L2TP sessions you can handle in the steady state,
and the number you can handle when you have a lot of signaling (L2TP
sessions going up & down). The signaling traffic seems to chew up a lot
of CPU.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at nethelp.no

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