[cisco-bba] First Post + ATM question

Thomas Bridge thomas at netsource.ie
Fri Jun 20 19:04:27 EDT 2003

Hi Folks,

We are currently reselling the Bitstream service supplied by our national 
telco, using a Cisco 7206 with 12.2B.

We use ATM auto provisioning for customers connecting to our service, and 
they then run PPPoE over that.    For each VP, we need to create an entry 
to limit the traffic on that VP to 1Mb per second (using the

atm pvp 66 1000


There is a contention (or planning) ratio of 1:24 on this service - which 
means when the 25th customer on this Virtual Path comes up we need to add 
1MB to the traffic capacity.    Is there any way to automatically make this 
happen, or are we confined to simply manually entering a new atm pvp command?

(The reason for this is that if we transmit at a higher rate the telco's 
ATM network will drop the cells).


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