[cisco-bba] Multiple PPPoE clients on the same PVC

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Wed Oct 1 13:25:53 EDT 2003

After having a look at 
i found:
One ATM PVC will support one PPPoE client. Multiple PPPoE clients can run concurrently on 
different PVCs, but each PPPoE client must use a separate dialer interface and a separate 
dialer pool.

I though (after reading PPPoE RFC) that multiple PPPoE sessions were possible on the same 
PVC. Is this something that Cisco doesn't support? Are there any plans for support in a 
future ios release?

    Chatzithomaoglou Anastasios
Network Design & Operations Center
           FORTHnet S.A.
       <achatz at forthnet.gr>

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