[cisco-bba] RE: duplicate IP address from pool (PPPoA aggregation - c7200)

Vusi Ndebele vusi at webdevuk.com
Sun Dec 5 18:58:52 EST 2004

Thanks for that, I will test with .254. 


One more issue, I do not get the assigned IP address being sent by the 7200
in accounting start records, only sent in the stop records by which point
they are useless to me, is this easily resolved?


I have tried the command radius-server attribute 32 include in access
request but no luck. The router will not accept the command radius-server
attribute 8 include in access request, which is what I would have expected


Thanks again




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Vusi Ndebele <mailto:vusi at mandebele.com> wrote on Sunday, December 05,

2004 10:57 PM:


> Im seeing some rather strange behaviour on a cisco 7200 doing PPPoA 

> aggregation for DSL customers. I am seeing customers being assigned 

> duplicate IP addresses from the pool. As a result, both routes exist 

> in the routing table and of course each customer experiences 50%


> loss. The ip address is definitely not coming from RADIUS. The address

range in

> question is not defined within RADIUS, radius attribute for password 

> is sent as to assign from router's pool. I would


> input, relevant parts of config below.


Please use to assign the address from the pool.. lets the user choose an address, which could be one
previously assigned to hime..







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