[cisco-bba] [c-nsp] MGX or BPX?

Vusi Ndebele vusi at webdevuk.com
Mon Dec 13 06:34:00 EST 2004


am looking for a data centre ATM switch to switch VP's between my E1 IMA
aggregation devices, my BRAS and my voice softswitch. What are people's
feelings about the MGX 8850? Is there a more relevant product I should be
looking at? Perhaps the BPX Range? I will mostly be switching VPs rather
than making the switch VC aware, so don't need the ability to switch
millions of VCs, just to handle 4 X STM4's(OC-12) coming from my E1 MUXes
and distributing them to my BRAS on either SMT4 or SMT1 (OC-3) with full
switching redundancy. I am looking at the MGX 8850 because those are fairly
cheap on the used market. Any advice appreciated.








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