[cisco-bba] PPPoE and per subscriber rate/bandwidth limiting

Eric Helm helmwork at ruraltel.net
Mon Feb 2 16:23:41 EST 2004

We are a small ISP and currently we are using a Redback SMS to terminate 
PPPoE sessions. I am curious, what is the most common way to perform per 
sub rate-limiting? Is it at the ATM level on individual PVCs? Or by 
passing RADIUS attributes to the ppp session? If you are doing it on a 
PVC level, how do you handle Ethernet uplinks like say a wireless access 
We are using RADIUS currently, and seeing some performance problems with 
higher rate profiles like 512Kb and above. I am looking for some other 
method of doing the rate limiting, except we have about 40% of our 
broadband subscribers with wireless access and ethernet back to the 
core. So setting limits per PVC is not an option for these subs.

Thanks for any input.


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